Either I have to get a new camera or…learn how to use this one

I’m noticing a decline in the quality of my posts…and thats unfortunate because I have had some WONDERFUL meals in the past months. Ah well, bear with me.

This nondescript picture is just to give you something mildly pleasant to look at before I post the next one. Richmond VA, a little place called Balleceau, precious. The dish below was DELICIOUS

World’s worst picture, I KNOW.  Pork belly, on top of some sort of cornbread and pickled veg stuffing. OH MY GRACIOUS SO GOOD

This embarassment is the crab roll at Luke’s Lobster in the East Village, which is currenly getting a lot of press, well worth it I say. Note the salt and vinegar chips trying to edge in on the photo.

OK these are some various treats at the Brooklyn Flea Market. I did get an unnecessary 2$ chocolate chip cookie from this very stand

MORE TREATS TREATS TREATS…oh there are those cookies. I’ll be honest they weren’t THAT good.

5$ Pupusa platter with Lauren at the Brooklyn Flea….INSANELY good…look at that medley of sauces and slaw

They deserved a second photo

This picture is weird, but it looked delicious. Thanksgiving. Made a lot of dishes and none of the pictures turned out well. And now I’m remembering that this picture was of what later turned into the worst pumpkin pie I’ve ever had.  I think it was the recipe’s fault. seriously. tasted like vegatables, grossy!

The turkey, my father’s labor of love

Sausage, cranberry apple mushroom stuffing. MMMM

Sad, sad photo of my plate. Chive/Cheese cornbread, cranberry sauce, turkey and gravy, stuffing, carmelized onion-honey mustard sweet potatoes and green beans. tasty


Fall Delights

Ok so first things first, I changed the name of this silly little blog because it made no sense. The original title was from a book but whatever. I may even change the title again. I JUST MIGHT. anyways..some delights..


OK SO THIS DONUT NEEDED TWO PHOTOS. Also needed cap locks. Went upstate apple picking for a fun and wonderful day which I could have taken ten more pictures of but oh well. This apple cider donut was MOIST and DELICIOUS….words cannot even express


awkward apple photos…


Dutch baby at the Spotted Pig. This pictures looks borderline disgusting but do not let the photo nor the name nor the price scare you

THIS WAS DELICIOUS..some sort of crepe pancake combo with bacon that defies explanation.  OH MY GOODNESS…that was good.


Well ..thing is this is from Moustache, one of my favorite inexpensive easy standbys in the West Village..and as good as this mozzerella roasted red pepper situation was…I should have taken a picture of the hummus or something … of cours I forgot and hastily took this picture near the end of the meal


Borderline too dark but still good Brooklyn Reserve at Wilfie and Nell, with Chloe and Amy, great bar, great company


some nice looking cauliflower at the farmers market. im not totally SOLD on cauliflower ..its going to need to put in a little effort.


An almost ok picture of more freshness at the farmer’s market in Union Square…think i need to take a few minutes to get acquainted with my new camera…


I like these


these look like creatures to me.


My first ever whole lobster experience. good thing I was surrounded by dear and expert (and asian) friends.

hmmm ok…I guess the criteria for my next post is that I need to figure out this “new” camera.

Because these pics aint great, gang.

Im back baby…

WELP i lost my camera a few months back, its somewhere in Montauk. SO…now I finally have a new one and will post soon since the only person that reads my blog said she’s bored of looking at the same thing. 🙂

So here are a motley assortment of semi food pics, most of which I didnt even take. ENJOY.



NOW this is a food picture worthy to be on a food blog, so it goes first. Of course I didnt take it. This is from an unforgettable dinner at Convivio with dear friends. We were hooked up through a connection from our friend Ray with this spread of complimentary appetizers and champagne.  BONUS.


MMMMM me erin and eunice at Convivio. I dont even remember what I had. Wait..some delicious fish…UGH IM THE WORST FOODBLOGGER EVER


OK this is me and my friend Abe (Erin’s husband) at B&H Dairy in the East Village enjoying breakfast SANDOS and the like. i LOVE this place, gracias Uncle Ken for introducing me. Its a hole in the wall and has so much character, its like a Jewish diner with borderline dirty cafeteria cups and TASTY CHALLAH BREAD


MMMMM PASTRIES in Gettysburg PA, with my dear other friend Erin, ALMOND SNAIL…had to grab the last one before the old man behind me could get to it, you snooze you lose. also, a delicous blueberry brioche with lemon icing


Mini strawberries with sugar-salt-chili at one of my favorites, Fatty Crab. Foolishly overpriced but our borderline intimidatingly genuinely cool server classically upsold us. whatever.


Giavanna and Laura eating delicious delicious desperately delicious cake at Christa’s wedding. What, its a food picture…


Bounty at Will’s…

…WHAT..come on my mom didnt allow us to have these kind of snacks in the house!! It was dried fruit and Kashi! I remember going to friends houses and seeing fruit snacks and like going to town on them thinking, if this stuff was in my house i would be eating it NONSTOP…wait, thats exactly what is happening in the above photo.

um..ok..my next post will be better.

North Carolina Edition

Lovely trip down to Edenton, NC.  All around delightful


So apparently in these little rural towns they cook these huge chicken lunches and sell them for like 5$ a box. With like, coleslaw and random potatoes. SO GOOD. And like, everyone knows eachother. This was literally the best chicken I have ever eaten, consumed in under 4 minutes.


I tried to be cool and have unsweetened tea….what was I thinking. I was in the south and should have been consuming fattening delicious sweet tea. Oh well. And those are desserts made by one of the local folk … I believe the scientific name was “gooey bars”. Probably made from boxed cake and koolaid and I had like 3.


Ok…..THIS SALAD. I do not have words. Our amazing hostess Joyce made this….grilled prosciutto (again..spelling?) Pine nuts, pears, grapes, cheese….SO GOOD. so good.


This is just some nondescript bread. But I liked the checked cloth

Day in the life


The following are just some rando shots from my everyday life!


MMMM donuts from Doughnut Plant. Photo is great of course because Erin took it. Strawberry, Vanilla and I am holding Cashew. SO GOOOOOD!!!!!


These deserved a second pictures. Also courtesy of Erin. I cannot express how much I love donuts. Like, I don’t think my donut lust has ever been fully satisfied. I was so overwhelmed by the selection and kinds at Doughnut Plant I almost had to leave. Foolishly I chose the nondescript vanilla. good thing erin shared with me.


love these coffee cups from Extra Virgin



Simple but so good..yogurt and granola also at Extra Virgin


This clearly is not food. THIS is a delicious drink from Angel’s Share, quite possibly my favorite bar in the city, thanks to my lovely friend Lillian. This is called the Royal Flush. Cucumber infused vodka, sake and honey.


This beautiful freshness is a salad my friend Grace and I made, and were obsessed with: how easy, how cheap and how good it was. Corn, black beans, peppers, tomatoes, scallions and feta. MMMM


I wish this picture was better quality! THIS is an amazing pretzel croissant and hot chocolate from City Bakery that I shared with my friend Erin. She is awesome.


These are some delicious banana muffins my wonderfully talented roommate Jewells made. She is a culinary master.

ok… I will surely add to this section.

Costa Rica

Had the joy of visiting my dear friend Maria who is teaching english in costa rica for a year. We stayed in the amazing little beach town of Montezuma. Below are some goodies. (And by the way, I know these pictures are AWFUL…had a little trouble with the old camera…called..i dont know how to use it. oh well im posting them anyway deal with it)


Burrito at Cafe Organico, where we ate every night. Simple but fantastic


Refridgerator case in the grocery store, filled with cold fresh pineapple and papaya. Just grabbing one before the beach, ah, the good life


Breakfast, lemonade, Gallo Pinto (rice and beans) with fresh bread, and salsa Lizano (the questionable “sour cream” may have been a mistake)


Maria and I enjoying and afternoon snack…of coffee milkshakes at the Bakery Cafe


One of the more pleasant eating experiences I’ve ever had- after a boat ride and snorkleing, fresh grilled fish, rice, potatoes, grilled bread, with a tomato and pepper sauce and a cold Imperial on the beach. AHH, take me back!


A dish called Muchachos Nachos, at Cafe Organico…TASTY!


Another amazing breakfast – pancake with banana and chocolate

Various Summer Delights

I just moved to the West Village a few months ago, I love it more than I can express it. Its also food heaven. I will try some amateur restaurant reviews. But here are a few pictures from my lovely summer which I spent in Long Island, the city and beyond


This is a delicious meal I had at my dear friend Lauren’s house in Montauk, one of my favorite places ever.  Lauren is quite the handy chef. Here we have turkey burgers with soy cheese, sweet potato fries and a summer salad with homemade mustard …dressing. I cannot spell vineagarette.


Here is my friend Lauren and my other friend Caroline enjoying italian ices (chocolate and lemon) at Rocco’s in the West Vill. Look at that shaved ice. TASTY


Another great Montauk weekend. MMMM quesadillas. DELICIOUS. Corona light seemed like the appropriate choice but was not as freshing as I would have imagined.


These are from some famous Montauk ice truck, I forgot the name. SO GOOD. Rootbeer, lemon and my friend Tommy’s ice some grape/cherry flavor that was so good!!


Lauren and her amazing mom, Rosa Piccolo. A culinary mastermind. Can whip a gourmet italian breakfast up in 3 minutes. Here we have pasta with roasted veg. MMMMM


Ok I wish I could jump into the photo for many reasons. 1. My all 4 years college roommate and dear friend Erin. 2. Pizza with lamb sausage from La Lanterna on MacDougal Street. SO GOOD


A weekend in Gettysburg, PA, my friend Erin’s home town. We were greeted by this lovely feast her mom Robin prepared. (Me,  looking  like an 8th grade GOON)


fresh fruit on the way to a hike!


Me trying to be artistic, and failing. Regardless, those are delicious turkey sandwiches on toast with whole grain mustard and lettuce!


Morning roll, some sort of flaky delicious pastry, blueberries, tea, ahh heaven


Me and my friend Jay…well, there’s really no food in the picture. Haru Sushi in Richmond VA, hands down the best sushi I’ve ever had!


my beautiful friend Theresa and I at 3 Monkey’s in Richmond, a great spot. An almost decimated hummus plate and some sort of crab cakes.


The breakfast my wonderful sister Giavanna made for me in her apartment in Richmond, cereal yogurt and bananas, Ezekiel toast with jam and Dandy, a coffee-like drink